Importance of Medical Coding for Insurance

With health and diseases becoming a major issue these days around the world, it has become A LOT more important to have more and more coders involved in the medical field for insurance. But what is medical coding? A medical coder, clinical coding officer, or diagnostic coder are professionals involved in the health care sector who analyze clinical documents and using proper classification systems, assign standard codes to them. They provide medical coding guidelines and suggestions to help regulate the ways doctors, nurses, and other medical staff provide care for their patients. There are three main types of medical coding:

1) ICD (International Classification of Diseases): These are codes used for describing the cause of illness, injury, or death.

2) CPT (Current Procedural Terminology): These deal with anesthesia, surgery, pathology, radiology, measurement procedures, and new technological changes in the medical field.

3) HCPCS Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System): These include outpatient hospital care, medical aid, and Medicare.

Let us look at some points as to why coding is necessary for the medical field.

When the coding is paired with the data systems of the hospitals, a powerful tool is made. By doing so, a large number of data from various hospitals, clinics, and other sources are stored, accessed, and used from one large online data system. This implementation helps in the transfer of any patient’s data from any hospital to another for any medical purpose. This information helps doctors to be more connected and make wiser decisions, especially in cases involving the life and death situation of the patient.


Coding is very much required for reimbursements, which include submitting medical claims with insurance companies and bills between insurers and patients. The transfer of information for bill related purposes requires medical records, patient’s medical needs, lab results, pathology records (if any), and any other related documents. Appropriate payment is possible only when the required diagnostic codes are put in place, which also means to verify in case the medical claim is denied by the insurance company.


Medical billing and coding fall under the rules and guidelines of many countries and states. Coders in this field are also responsible for protecting the privacy of the patients and their families. They are supposed to take safeguards to preserve the confidential details concerning the patient and his/her medical background in a safe place. Electronic medical records fall under the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) codes issued by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Medical coding analysts are in the front line in healthcare data analytics. They work in many types of healthcare setups and not necessarily in hospitals and clinics. Their valuable service is very functional for research and development in the medical field.

Travel and Leisure in Duisburg

Duisburg is a city in western Germany which is very important for the economy of the country. Along the centuries, in this area, people exploited the land’s natural resources, and mined coal, iron, copper and other metals. Today, Duisburg produces almost 50% of Germany’s hot metal and more than a third of Germany’s pig-iron. Using pig iron and other metals, the factories in the city produce large quantities of steel, and they’ve been doing this for a long time now. In the second World War, Duisburg played a very important role in the country’s war machine production. They also had a coal mine, but it’s been closed in August 2009.

Of course, tourists will not go to Duisburg to see the factories, unless they really like the “How it’s made” show on the Discovery Channel. They will, however, go there to experience life in Duisburg from other points of view. And the city offers plenty of activities to satisfy everybody.

First stop, the Zoo. An excellent place for animal lovers. They keep many animals there, in perfect living conditions and excellent simulated habitats. The Zoo was designed in such a way to induce a visitor the feeling that they are really walking into the wild. Wide spaces, very few cages, lots of light, lots of different types of vegetation, each setting being an excellent substitute for the natural living environment for particular types of animals.

Duisburg also offers the opportunity to visit the largest inland port in the world. Experience the Inner Harbor from one of the numerous pubs, cafes or bars, or explore it from the water on an interesting harbor cruise. Whether you are a fan of sports, culture, food or drink, you will not get bored at the Inner Harbor. Walking, jogging, cultural events, excellent dining, nice views – the Inner Harbor has been, for a long while now, the heart of Duisburg’s social and sporting activities.

Another attraction is the Wedau Water World, a place of fun, sun and leisure. Built with the idea to make people feel good no matter what their age is, the Wedau Water World gets you with big water slides, high-rope balance activities, boat rides, canoe rides and more.

Interesting architecture and buildings in Duisburg include: the bridge between the districts Duissern and Meiderich. Built in 1907, this bridge is a testament of German work discipline and precision planning. Then, we have the Alte Post, a representative building of yellow brick and contrasting red sandstone, the building is the old post office, located near the Town Hall. The third architectural point of interest is the Dreigiebelhaus, a historic jewel, the oldest surviving house in Duisburg (raised in 1536). Finally, we arrive at the picturesque mills of Duisburg, which are very cute. There are 8 mills in total, 6 of which are historical, made of red bricks and showing a design you only saw in Hollywood motion pictures with Frankenstein or Dracula.

Nobody has ever felt sorry for going to Duisburg for the holidays, so, if you too decide to choose this destination, don’t worry, there are 0 chances to regret it.

How to Select Your Insurance Advisor?

You must opt for a life insurance policy. If your finances allow, you must also get health insurance as well as home insurance. This way you would be able to save yourself from any sudden financial crisis. However, you need the best of persons when it comes to an insurance advisor. In this article, we will take you through five steps to hire the best LIC advisor in Delhi.

1. Always prefer a certified advisor

Your insurance advisor must have proper certification from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA). This proves that he/she is not there to trick you or fraud you. Moreover, the guidelines laid down by this agency make sure that you are protected on all fronts. If a person is not certified by IRDA, legally he is not entitled to advise people on insurance. He may end up in jail. Therefore, before selecting an agent, make sure that he/she has all the necessary certifications.

2. He must be through with investment solutions

You must understand that insurance agents are much more than just a salesman. They must have a proper understanding of financial planning. They should be equipped with all the necessary information about the financial world, both domestic as well as globally. More importantly, your LIC advisor should have a proper understanding of your family and financial standing. This way he would be able to suggest you the best insurance for you. It is advised that you should first develop a good friendship with the advisor and only then allow him to enter your financial realm.

3. He must have a complete understanding of the product he wants to sell

The insurance advisor must have a thorough knowledge of all the insurance policies that his/her company sells. You should sit down and have a long conversation with him about the pros and cons of various policies. You must understand that every insurance company sells a hell lot of policies. Not all policies are meant for you. Your insurance advisor must suggest you the best policy for yourself after understanding your family and finances.

4. Does the follow-up?

He/she is a cheap insurance advisor if he/she forgets you after you have bought the insurance policy. This is not what a responsible advisor does. Even after you have bought the policy, you may have a hell lot of questions to be answered. He/she must update you about the product premium and all the necessary details to make the best of your insurance.

5. He must help you while fulfilling your claim

When a claim arises, an advisor plays a very important role. He is the sole contact person between the insurance provider and the policyholder. He must understand all the formalities that need to be fulfilled for a successful claim. If your claim is denied there was no point in opting for that insurance policy. A good insurance advisor will stand by you when you need him/her the most.